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Correcting people can be a sign of friendship.

This seems to be a very common Asian trait. Although the problem does exist in the Western world, it is less widespread, and takes different forms. In France, for instance, we speak a lot about self-esteem at school, but we tend to be much more critical in our daily life, which has its own issues. Here in Cambodia, after visiting more than ten teachers in their classes, I could observe that the teachers are quite reluctant to correct the mistakes of the students. I think it’s related to a fear of humiliating the students and making them loose their face. Of course it’s essential not to hurt people, but it should not be avoided at the expense of the truth. It is essential to tell people when they are wrong. If you don’t, how will they make any improvement? You can get them into very serious troubles, if you don’t tell them about the dangers to come, just because you want to preserve their self-esteem. So, the question is: how do you improve the quality of the students’ work without hurting them too much? Continuer la lecture