A complex task

22/02/2018 egomet-admin 0

Or how to take advantage of a pedagogical training It’s not difficult to pinpoint failures in an education system. One only needs to remember why […]

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02/01/2018 egomet-admin 1

It’s normal to have difficulties with students during a career as a teacher. Those who pretend to never have any discipline issue are probably liars. […]

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De la dictée

25/12/2017 egomet-admin 1

Qui veut tuer son chien l’accuse de la rage. Mais pourquoi vouloir le tuer? L’histoire récente de l’école française est émaillée de procès iniques. La […]

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Giving explanations

22/12/2017 egomet-admin 0

After my first series about games in pedagogy, I would like to share some trivial considerations. An army seldom collapses from a very tough battle, […]

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What is success?

01/11/2017 egomet-admin 1

Success is relative. You succeed when you reach your objectives, whatever those objectives are. If your objective is to please your guest, making a good […]